1) Snoop Dogg “Promise You This”

Snoop Dogg is a GOAT, period point blank. He definitely sits on the throne of living legend status. HOWEVER it’s clear when you listen to this track that Snoop left the bars in a safe deposit box in Cali because now he just talks to us with a simple nursery beat. He is like that Uncle that your Aunt divorced years ago for sleeping with all of her best friends but still comes through every year for Thanksgiving.



2) Trey Songz “Song Go Off”

Although Trigga has always been criticized for his subject matter being limited to only about sex, how much sex can we have and before we have grits in the morning let’s have sex!!! “Song Go Off” dope whistle baseline mixed with Trey’s vocal blend of harmony and horniness a lane that he conquers better than most!!! https://youtu.be/JvlYjy9AYek


3) Belly Ft. Future “Frozen Water”

Drugs are bad right? Well that’s what they told us growing up at least. So why is it that Future’s drug music sounds magically addictive? Back in the day the drug users used to be laughed at. However, now you got Belly giving you instructions on the hook of the song!!! Sonically the track sounds like it’s casting a spell that will make you ride a carousel at night wearing nothing but underwear while feeling on your left nipple. https://youtu.be/aouGE-yYNcU






4) 6Lack & Jhene Aiko “First Fuck”

Ok so both of them sound like they were too sleepy off rum & coke to sing but for some crazy reason it works. 6lack sounds exactly how he looks. That lazy boyfriend who your sister lets crash on her couch apt six out of seven days of the week with no job and he barely sells weed. Ironically “First Fuck” doesn’t put you in the mood to have sex more so than it puts you in the vibe of being at your friend’s house party at the end when it’s almost breakfast time and you should have been home 3 spade games ago



5) Nicki Minaj Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne “No Frauds”

The long and I mean LONG awaited response from Nicki to Remy Ma’s vicious assault is upon us and it is BAD, not bad as in good, no like bad as in AWFUL!!!! “No Frauds” isn’t even strong enough response to to Remy Ma’s weaker 2nd diss record. There are many levels you can select on why “No Frauds” is trash however lets choose a few:

  • Having Drake and Lil Wayne on the track is like getting your big brothers to fight your battles and they show just to stand there with their arms folded.
  • It has been a minute since we’ve had a record with the Young Money trio and they all sound out of place with no energy.
  • Nicki Minaj accusing somebody of plastic surgery while stating she has “Before & After” pics is like someone from the Trump administration making judgment someone’s moral conduct.