5. Bill O’Reilly insults Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Leave it to Fox News TV host Bill O’Rielly to use the deep-rooted skill set of mixing sexism and racism within one statement like the old jerk off asshole pro that he is. On Fox and Friends O’Reilly decided to show that he waved the biggest bitch ass stick amongst his co-workers by stating he had no reply to Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ strong well deserved criticism of President Donald Trump (damn it hurts to say that) because of her “James Brown wig” was “too distracting.” Bill O’Reilly bypass political class by managing to compare CongressWOMAN Maxine Waters’ looks to a man (who technically wore his hair like a woman) added by the negative racial undertone stereotype of the black woman’s hair as a “trashy” wig. Right on time a large number of folks from the right were screaming “FOUL” by stating how jokes are often targeted at Trump’s hair which is of no comparison like a Michelle Obama and Melania Trump resume’. For starters, President Trump (damn, still hurts) has himself made jokes of his own hair countless times. Second, instead of a constructive rebuttal to Congresswoman Waters’ criticism, O’Reilly chose to play Master Deflector and instead in a sexist matter insulted her physical appearance. To be fair, the next time Bill O’Reilly makes an opinionated statement the general response should be “Oh I just can’t get pass Bill’s various sexual harassment lawsuits“ or The visual of Bill allegedly choking his wife in front of his daughter is too distracting” and the favorite “How Bill gonna speak on anything when he lost custody of his own kids?” Please check the memo for general fucks given if those replies seem a bit too harsh.

4. I bought five tires in a span of six weeks

So this may not be important to you but to my checking account and me it is a definite WTF moment. Tire #1 was a standard flat on the back driver side I discovered when I stepped out my apt on my way to work. No big deal at the time, saw the flat, changed the flat, and then went to work. However for Tire #2, later the same night I hit a deeper than rap pothole on the front driver side. So late night on the dark side of the road with my emotions STILL in check, I calmly called the tow truck and had my car towed to a 24-hour tire place. Two weeks later Tire #3 on the front left passenger side hit a Dj Khalid ANOTHER ONE style pothole 45secs on a highway leaving a Costcos. Five days later  Tire #4 met it’s demise when I parked in a lot that recently had construction work done and unintentionally drove over a nail the size of Wolverine’s claws on the back left side. Two weeks later Tire #3 became the fifth tire replaced because air leaked out as a result of the rim being slightly bent from the impact of the pothole it encounter before. So yes, after that experience I plan to only travel through the means of my resurrected skateboard skills and a bicycle I plan to purchase at an auction.

3. The Kalief Browder Story documentary

This 6 part documentary television miniseries produced by Jay-Z is a weekly WTF moment on the SPIKE channel. The story is about Bronx native Kalief Browder who at age 16 was accused of stealing a “book bag” and was imprisoned in Rikers Island for 3 years without ever being convicted. Police arrested Browder after accuser claimed “some black guy” robbed them so of course he (Kalief) fit the description. Kalief Browder’s experience of beatings from prison gangs and overly aggressive Correctional officers added by two years of solitary confinement could’ve came to a stop if he had accepted a guilty plea through any of his 30 plus court appearances but instead choose to maintain his innocence and wait for trail. Whether one is familiar with Kalief Browder story or not the doc’s breakdown of a fouled up system used by selfish legislators, lawyers, and judges help furthers the power of an Eyes Wide Shut oppression towards black and brown people. Browder’s unbreakable strength to maintain his innocence and courageousness to fight the unjust system once freed is nothing short of inspiring that comes at a high cost of guilt when the doc depicts the suffering he went through that resulted in suicide. The Kalief Browders, Trayvon Martins, and Sandra Bland’s of the world serve as reminders that people of color are never promised to come home.

2. Kendrick Lamar releases new music

If you are part of the “Kendrick Lamar is overrated” percent then your opinions on Hip Hop should forever be acknowledged as alternative facts. First there was “The Heart Part 4” which first line “Don’t tell a lie on me, I won’t tell the truth on you” has the same level of disrespect as an open hand slap being the first move in a fight. Internet conspiracist felt the targets were Big Sean, J.Cole, Drake or all of the above. The latest release “Humble” showcase why the Compton MC who’s break beat flow matches perfectly with the Mike Will Made-It hard knock beat has earned the name “King” Kendrick. Beyond being a Hip Hop purist one has to give highest credit to KDot’s display of two quality songs that sound nothing alike especially within a current music era trend where artist like Drake and Rick Ross consistently deliver the same product with a different title.

  1. Congresswoman Maxine Waters Instant Bill O’Reily ClapBack

When Queen Maxine was ask of her thoughts on Bill O’Reily’s comments about her “wig” looking like “James Brown”, your highness response I am a strong black woman and I cannot not be intimidated…”    was the biggest political Either ever!!!! Instantly black folks were reminded of that Black Aunt who was ready to whip the store salesperson’s ass for following too closely. That black auntie who when asked by the police for driver’s license and registration replied holding her own small flashlight saying “No sir, what is YOUR badge number and registration?” That black aunt who doesn’t need high tech alarm systems because she got way too much Hood respect to get robbed added by a firearm in her closet that’s bigger than her. When she was insulted by a narcissist pinhead, Queen Maxine reminded everyone the spirit of a black woman is although they should always be loved and supported however they are backed by personal strength that arms them more than capable of handling any form of bullshit opposition independently. All Hail The Queen…

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