Woke” as being aware, and “knowing what’s going on in the community.” It also mentions its specific ties to racism and social injustice

-Urban Dictionary



  1. Solange, Kendrick Lamar, and J.Cole are constant in their playlist


You can find these “woke” folk in the following locations:

-On the train wearing woke headphones listening to J.Cole while living in their own cosmic universe where the fashion attire is hockey jerseys and jean shorts with an adrift confused look as if their forever contemplating the trials of woke adulthood.

-At the cubicle office space playing Solange in their wireless small woke speaker box singing loudly “What You Say To Me” repeatedly eyeing and waiting on that white co-worker to say one more racially insensitive joke.

-In the comment section of any social media outlet typing with fury on their woke laptop debating on why Kendrick Lamar is a GOAT who is not overhyped using 10 plus syllable woke words.


  1. The have subscription to HuffPost, Salon, ThinkProgress, Slate, Daily Kos, Politico or any other woke publication.


These sites are woke scriptures from the woke bible. Whenever an alert pops up on your woke friends woke iPhone they cannot wait to share the woke news on politics across they’re timeline or through text messages with the purpose to wake you up!!! #AreYouDumb


  1. They get into daily debates on their GroupMe app thread


There is nothing that can keep a woke person more sharp on woke topics like the GroupMe app. Out of nowhere a woke person’s emotion are forever triggered when someone on the GroupMe thread post an article or poses a hypothetical question. Comments from 30 plus people who don’t know each other as a whole will set the notifications on high alert with self made memes, name calling and unknown random possible fake news sources to back an argument. GroupMe woke debates can get so intense that a woke folk can often find themselves distracted in strange places like the side of a deserted highway typing for 45 woke mins.


  1. They have a deep love affair with TV shows Black’ish, Insecure, and A Different World.


Whether it was Dre’s woke monologue about the November election, the infamous Lawrence “making a bank deposit” debate, or the forever affectionate new found woke love with Hillman college after a binge of reruns. Unless you were locked away in an unwoke cage for the past unwoke years a woke individual will give you a “Who the fuck is this” facial expression and refused to invite you at the next woke social at the woke cafe.


  1. They hate gentrification with a passion


There is nothing that breaks a woke person’s heart more than another family owned business being replace by an overpriced spin-cycle class that plays Lil Boosie during its session or a $1,500 a week rent increase in their studio apartment. In your once favorite Chocolate City a woke person will unknowingly take you on the infamous “This used to be this…” Tour while instant anger sets off at the sight of a longhaired and beard white hipster couple that are now proud owners of the newest Vegan/coffee/hookah spot that replaced neighborhood black owned liquor store that made the best grilled chicken sandwiches to date.


J Hall