5) The Fashion At The Kentucky Derby


I can honestly admit that until a few years ago, I had no idea that black folks actually attended the Kentucky Derby. I kept going over my black schedule and wondered if I missed a Black social convention where all the who’s who in Black society announced new things that us Black people would be participating in and maybe the Kentucky Derby was one of them. Leave it to folks of color to REALLY bring out the COLOR!!! Between the tight lime green see through polo shirts with yellow linen pants and the lucky charm horseshoe orange ballerina dresses with peacock feathered Frisbee hats, I found myself visually confused. To see white people dressed like the Slave auction scene in the movie “Get Out” was unfortunately more familiar to my eyes than seeing black folks dressed for the Player’s Ball in the daytime. Without trying, the Kentucky Derby was a positive display of equality because it showcased that given the opportunity; Black and white folks united will both take fashion to ridiculous measures. Now truthfully, I’ve never actually been present at the Derby to get it’s full experience however the next time I see people online cracking jokes about the infamous Detroit White Party, I will be sure to blast those same individuals with photos of them looking like extras on the set of The Color Purple.



4) YesJulz Gets Too Close To The N-Word


At this moment you are probably scratching your head wondering who the f—k is “YesJulz,” so please allow me to save you the Google search. YesJulz is one of the latest social media young entrepreneurs who makes her living being a small waist white girl with a nice sized ass (that I personally enjoyed looking at occasionally) who promotes parties with mainly rappers as well as other artist through Instagram and SnapChat. After binging episodes of Empire the Miami based social media influencer decided to push the limits of her Black culture access coupon by posting a picture of a BLACK t-shirt written in WHITE letters that read “NIGGAS LIE A LOT” while adding more salt to the wound with the caption “So….am I to wear this shirt at the festival tomorrow or nah?”



I’ll let that sit for a second….


Of course YesJulz was fast to delete the post but screenshots are faster than a speeding bullet. The backlash was both the fury of Black twitter and the announcement from two companies that they have dropped YesJulz as a host for their upcoming events. Aware that her cash flow is social media based, YesJulz released an apology on twitter and an Oscar worthy teary-eyed performance on SnapChat that expressed her guilt and devastation while 20mins later she was on stage singing “Knuck If You Buck.” Everyone deserves a second chance or some form of redemption however; it’s probably best as a white person who made a racially insensitive joke or comment to not pretend to be sorry. The fake cry apology is of no surprise to anyone because common sense says the tears were for advertisers and not for any black person offended in general. In the new Trump America, no one has the time to explain why as a white person using or even standing next to the N-Word is a negative. At this point, its all good for the YesJulz of the world to feel that because the Migos slap her ass on stage, that it gives license to use the N-Word in a “cool” fashion. That is until the word is used in a circle filled with them same “N-words” who will give an ass whipping on video that will go viral quicker than her past sextape.


3) Phaedra Parks Dark Lies See Light


If you’re like me you didn’t have to be someone who watches the Bravo show “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” to see your timeline be almost completely covered with highlights of the past reunion episode. After doing my Googles, I instantly discovered that once Bobby Brown lawyer Phaedra Parks had lied and said that Kandi, along with her husband, once plotted to drug and rape fellow cast mate Porsha. Like Michael Jackson eating popcorn in the Thriller video, I was totally locked into Kandi’s emotional outburst of proclaiming her innocent while Porsha wept and Phaedra ……well Phaedra stared. Who cared about the background story when you had various humorous memes of Phaedra’s face looking stoic as if she was looking for the nearest exit sign. Phaedra’s willingness to lie about a serious accusation as rape shows the depth of Reality TV and how a person voluntarily can destroy their own personal career for fame. At this moment, it is Better-to-Call-Saul than to hire Phaedra Parks as your attorney at law.



2) Bow Wow Private Jet Was Really A Public Mess



Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow who once was a huge teenage rap star is still at age 30 trying to hold a degree of relevancy. Mr. Moss recently posted a picture on Instagram of a private jet that he was claiming to be boarding only to be caught in the lie by a fellow passenger who photographed him on the same plane riding coach. The response was epic and resulted in the humorous #BowWowChallenge on the Internet of people posting pictures of themselves “pretending” to have wealth jokingly. It is clear that Shad Moss private jet was once possible in the early 2000s when he was known as rapper “Lil Bow Wow” instead of the actor who has had roles in movies more forgettable than that time Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards. To be clear, Shad Moss is not the only frontin person on social media. Moss is in the same class as that co-worker you know that takes selfies by the Benz in the parking lot during lunch break. On the flip side, Shad Moss should be happy that someone on a commercial flight actually recognized him as a C-level celebrity caught in a lie but instead his response was “I love it because people don’t understand the scientific method to my madness,” which is a B.S. way of avoiding the fact he got the photo from Google images.



1) Bethune-Cookman University President Defends Betsy Devos And Threatens Students.



To choose Secretary Of Education “Betsy Devos” to be a commencement speaker at a Black college is already wrong on some many levels. Devos’ statement about how HBCUs were real pioneers when it comes to school choice” was a total neglect on the reality of segregation and Jim Crow laws. Students of Bethune-Cookman University protested Devos’ speech by wonderfully booing and standing with their backs turned towards her. Nobody should blame the students for being upset at Devos as a speaker when her job qualifications are lower than those in the audience. To add further insult, the university’s shine-your-shoes-massa-boss-coon President felt the need to say, “If this behavior continues your degrees will be mailed to you. Choose which way you want to go.” For the record most graduates receive their actually diplomas in the mail days AFTER the ceremony so not sure why President Edison Jackson expected the students to give the same amount of f—ks that he did when he invited Devos. When the news first broke about Betsy Devos being invited as a the graduation speaker, there was a small part of me that wanted to believe that President Edison Jackson sent the invite simply to troll for attention until he said that Willie Lynch ass statement. President Edison Jackson is that old Uncle Rukus negro who believes that Trayvon Martin shouldn’t have worn a hoodie and that cops wouldn’t kill unarmed black youth if they would just “pull their damn pants up.” President Edison Jackson’s statement was dumber than criminals who record themselves on social media. Great joy was felt from “woke” folks across the globe to see the graduates of Bethune-Cookman University stand fearlessly in resistance. To them, I give the highest salute.



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