5) Rotimi “Nobody”  Ft. T.I. & 50 Cent

Chances are you may or may not recognize Rotimi as one of the main players from the addictive show “POWER.” “Nobody” is a display of Rotimi’s versatility as an artist with the potential to be a great summer track. The baseline vibe of the song has the perfect project steps setting of your favorite Aunt and Uncle’s BBQ as they argue about who reneged in the Spades game. Verse wise the song comes off as slightly whiny because its another R&B singer complaining about a woman’s sexual body count. The track’s lyrical theme maybe dated, however; that will matter little once rubber band man T.I. delivers his smooth conversational laced flow added by 50 Cent‘s Kanan like catchy hook.


4) Snoop Dogg – Neva Left

OG Snoop Dogg is clearly in a position in life where he does what he wants whenever he wants. For all the 30 plus who’s deep hatred for “today’s Hip Hop” makes them want to cut their ears off, “Neva Left” is a vintage Snoop laid-back-talk-to-you-like-an-uncle-who-still-drinks-St Ides-type-flow with a classic Wu-Tang “C.R.E.A.M.” beat to match.


3) A$AP Rocky “RAF” ft. Frank Ocean, Lil Uzi Vert and Quavo

It is safe to say that ASAP Rocky makes perfect music for folks who do lean or for those who are curious about about doing lean. As always ASAP Rocky’s flow matches with the beats he chooses while Quvao makes a strong presence and Lil Uzi Vert is just being Lil Uzi Vert. “Raf” sounds like a Twilight Zone theme remix that gives you that summer night time feeling when its muggy, and you realized your deodorant died a slow death 6 hours ago.


2) SZA “Love Galore” Ft. Travi$ $cott

SZA seems like the type that will make you smoke weed for the first time based on how majority of her records sound like R&B trance music. The Sade/Maxwell type music that is not safe to play when you’re driving a vehicle for fear of dozing off. “Love Galore” sonically has a sexy alternative vibe that SZA core fans have always loved balanced by the king of junkies “Travis Scott” touches of sizzurp rhyme flow. SZA’s sultry vocals are so captivating that her use of cuss words blow past like warm breeze. “Love Galore” is the perfect track to play while you have sex with your partner in a studio apartment in 88-degree weather with no air-condition.

1) Gorillaz Ft. Vince Staples “Ascension”

With the exception of glue sniffers they’re are few who would’ve predicated a team-up of animated apes and a Longbeach MC. Vince Staples lyrically rocks the up-tempo produced “Ascension” matching it’s high energy bar for bar. The song is as fun as a random street water gun fight and edgy like a Rick James private party in 1988.



***Honorable Mention***

Kendrick Lamar “Duckworth”

Pretty sure by now you have already heard what makes KDot’s “DAMN” and probably agree on it’s greatness or hate it because your ears have been stuffed with sour grapes. While the album itself is genius, the final (or first depends on how you play it) track “Duckworth” is a storytelling rhyme display that will leave your head shook. When the baseline drops it personally makes me feel like driving through a red light, hair braided with my middle fingers waving in the sky while screaming “Fuck The World” until reality hits as I slow down at a yellow light, with an extinct hairline and can finally celebrate having a deceit credit score for the past 3 years. 

J Hall