5) What You Say To Me: Completely Done With Explaining To White People Why Using The N-Word Is A Bad Idea

Sorry white person but I can longer keep explaining why you should never use the “N-Word.” Yes, I get you may live in a world where your favorite Hip Hop song says “Nigga” every other line like a religious chant.

4) One Saturday Morning : The Dawn Of Making Better Choices

As I wrapped up the jumper cables and walked toward my trunk I heard a door slam open behind me. “Who is out there? That’s my grandson’s car!!! I got a gun for yo asses,” said this Old White Lady wearing a nightgown and crooked glasses that I’m pretty sure was missing a lens. The Old White Lady was standing in her driveway holding a small pistol, hands shaking while trying to load in her bullets.


3) Sallie Mae Jade : The Best/Worst Ex Ever

Sallie Mae Jade would always say comforting statements like “With your major, you’re gonna be a star luv” or “You have so much potential I can see one day you’ll be running your own Fortune 500 business.” Sallie Mae Jade words were sweeter than a plate of yams with syrup and I was touched on how much she believed in me. Whenever I’d ask how and when to pay her back the reply was always “No worries luv.”


2) The 5 Reasons Why Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN” makes him the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!

To convince a Stuck In The 90s individual to “like” anything about today’s Hip Hop is as hard of a task as getting anyone from the Trump administration to accept facts.


1) Americana Dream: How I First Got My Ass Kicked

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I screamed like an injured little curled up puppy as the pain shot up my right arm because in mid motion S-Curl Dude had caught my fist with his hand and now was squeezing it with his grown ass man strength. At this point I was using both hands to loosen the grip but S-Curl Dude’s laughter was assurance that my efforts were mere tickling.