It’s that time of the year again where Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter drops an album that becomes the Hip Hop State Of The Union address. After a few commercial teaser clips featuring actors Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o and Danny Glover, Hov dropped his 13th album “4:44” at the stroke of midnight on June 30th. It has been 4years since Jay-Z’s last album and I promise you that these will be the top reactions:


  1. The instant Hov hate

Now although Jay-Z is in my Top 5, realistically I will never act like there hasn’t been a subpar bar here and there or an “ok” album that didn’t represent the best of his skills. However, in recent years there has been quick fast hate of Hov that lacks any fair criticism. On one end, you have the old timers in their jean shorts, wave cap over the receding hairline type who wants Hov to speak that “real sh—“ like back in the day and hates any music past 2001. The other type is the young internet popular blog goon who has never heard a full Jay-Z album but will quickly troll you with the “do-do” emojis and hashtags that state how overrated he (JayZ) is. Both of these types of idiots should play in traffic together.


  1. There will be no actual work done at work.

Dear White People,

When you see your black co-workers gathered by the water cooler, don’t be alarmed they’re just discussing all of the secret gems Hov dropped on 4:44. So when seeing your black co-worker has not responded to your email about a “Friday after-work meeting,” just know it’s not personal; it’s high appreciation of new Jay-Z music that has caused them to mentally check out.


  1. The 100 think pieces on 4:44

I promise you will read every theory that will range from a sane point of view stating how “4:44 is a response to Beyonce’s “Lemonade” to an insane “4:44 is the exact time Hov joined the Illuminati and that’s how he always gets free biscuits at The Waffle House.”


  1. Verses from 4:44 will be unavoidable.

Whether it’s “Leave me alone, Becky” or “trying to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99” your timeline for the next couple weeks will be filled with Hova rhymes that you dare not say is weak for fear of the Beyhive along with Jay-Z fanatics. Not only will you bear witness to hilariously creative Eric Benet memes but also don’t be shocked when your Sunday pastor ask everyone to “Please turn to the Book of Carter scripture 4:44.”


  1. 4:44 is a Classic!!!!!

Bruh!!! Sis!!! Please RELAX!!!! The album dropped midnight and by 12:04 am I was hit with various GroupMe and tweets that screamed “CLASSIC” and “FIRE!!!!!!” The album’s running time is 36min and 11seconds so how the hell you determine it was a classic after 16 bars and a hook? The sun didn’t even rise before it was considered the GOAT. Please, chill and breathe.


Here’s the thing, Hov is already considered one of the GOATs in the game. He sits on the Mt. Rushmore of Hip Hop as a true spokesman for the culture. However, there’s no such thing as an “instant classic.” Allow 4:44 to resonate in your mind for a minute before the C-Word can be mention. I will say that after the first listen, the standout tracks “4:44” and “Family Feud” is heartfelt with raw emotional lyrics that bleed enough honesty to make any thug angel cry. Still, Jay-Z didn’t become one of the greats overnight so there’s no reason why 4:44 has to.