5) MIgos Ft. Gucci Mane “Slippery”

To not like Migos at this point means that you are the biggest HATER ever!!!! Yes, sometimes trying to understand Migos is like trying to translate a foreign language from the 3rd dimension, however; all that goes away once “Slippery” slids through your eardrum. And of course, “I heard yo bitch she got that water, SPLASH, drip drip…” is not the best Hip Hop quotable but at least it’s a great roll call for every nationwide pool party. #SplashAndDrip



4) French Montana feat Swae Lee “Unforgettable”

I always felt that French Montana was one of the luckiest, laziest, yet best hook rappers on the planet who enjoyed being more celebrity than artist. “Unforgettable” not only gives French a lifeline past 15mins but has a catchy hypnotic musical production that is irresistible. The light danceable beat easily could’ve been performed by an upcoming pop singer instead of Swae Lee’s charismatic vocals on the hook that brings out one’s inner two-step. True to its name “Unforgettable” plants its flag as a soundtrack for Summer 17.



3) DJ Khaled FT. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller “Wild Thoughts”

Remember that period in the 90s when Diddy would sample an entire 80’s song that would make your parents cringe with a “WTF” expression?!! Well, fast forward to present day and “Wild Thoughts” creates that same confusion when you began to sing “Maria Maria” out loud only to be interrupted by a DJ Khaled ad-lib. Yet, despite the remake song being another reminder of your aging process, one cannot deny there’s certain magic to hearing the guitar riff play while Rhi Rhi sings about how great her box is for the 180th time.



2) Goldlink ft Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy “Crew”


Two of DC’s finest MC’s delivered not only one of the best songs of Summer 17 but arguably one of the best musical collabs ever. Both artist who usually rap from two opposite worlds happen to bring their respected styles to create a rock steady formula for every club, radio station and drunk brunch. Goldlink’s fast pace flow was the perfect build up for a universal hand clap when Glizzy raps “Hey nice to meet!!!” while the sing-along hook by Brent Falyaz adds a cherry to a superb summertime record that has no need for a remix.


1) Cardi B “Bodak Yellow”

Stop pretending to not like Cardi B. On a personal note, I’ve never had the desire to where heels, yet; there were a few times I’ve had to stop myself in public from singing out loud “These are bloody shoooooooes!!!” Truth is Bodak Yellow maybe the realest song we’ve heard in a decade because Cardi B is speaking her truth. Honest subject matter that includes “getting her teeth fixed,” to not having to dance in anymore strip clubs because she makes “Money moooooves.” Cardi B with every rhyme delivers fact after fact over a dope hard knock beat that goes in for any type mood set for a hood drive-by or daily gym session. To not like Cardi B means you’re probably an evil person who has sleep overs with Cersi Lanister.