For loyal fans who have been following the North Carolina/9th Wonder protégé MC, Rapsody’s “Laila Wisdom” satisfies their long awaited drought for new music. For those who are unfamiliar or uncertain here are 5 dope bars that should peak your interest.



5) Track: Power

      Line: “They say it has magic powers, even Magic ain’t die
Wake you up out ya sleep to take a 3am car ride…” 

I’m not sure what type of spell keeps Magic alive but I do know that I am guilty as charged when it comes to the 3am cross country change-tire-in-the-middle-of-the-night car ride for a sample of that Love Below. Rapsody does a great job of drawing unique comparisons on the pure definition of Power that is 48 law worthy.


4) Track: Nobody

     Line: “Don’t like all underground music, I don’t hate all music that isn’t,
I was just making it clap to Wacka Flacka last Christmas…”

Yea, just because an artist is underground doesn’t make them good. I get that for you “Nothing can beat the 90s real hip hop while I wear my jeans shorts and tims all year round” type like to believe otherwise but popularity whether huge or small has never define an artist greatness. Although Rae Sremmurd will never be in anybody’s Top 5 that doesn’t stop me from giving all type of no fcuks while dancing to “No Type!!!” #SueMe


3) Track: Black & Ugly

     Line: “I’m already better than what you niggas still trying to be…”

This was a lyrical backhand slap to anyone who doesn’t think that Rapsody gets busy. A harmless yet warning verbal jab to all who may think of disrespecting her like your mother’s evil glare before she punched you in the throat for acting up in the white folk’s mall.


2) Track: You Should Know

     Line: “I’m a lethal weapon, a saber or a razor, Darth Vader, Al Qaeda
Every friend of Jada, that 
said it all, I’m a midget at labor
Deliverin’ babies the size of raiders…”

I had to rewind this tongue twister about three times plus do a google search to fully grasp and understand this venomous line. Once I gathered my breath I came to two  conclusions:

1- Man, Ma can spit

2- A little person giving birth to a Raider sounds hella painful. (scratches head)


1) Track: U Used 2 Love Me

     Line: “I gave you everything I had, I can’t give you no more
It’s like there’s levels to this thang and we ain’t on the same floor…”

There’s a vulnerability that is shared in that line that opens the flood gates to an emotional abyss on how some love stories don’t have a perfect ending nor an answer. Heavy.



Overall,  Rapsody’s “Laila’s Wisdom”  is the next wave of unique dope lyricism that is also musically inclined with great production that provides a good vibe that will make your head rock steady. As an MC, Rapsody has always been lyrically superior to her peers but “Laila’s Wisdom” is a showcase of her growing into a complete artist who is in the beginning stages of creating her own greatness.