French Montana “Pop That” Ft. Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne

Now yes, “Pop” does sample from the great “Uncle Luke” but that doesn’t take away from its ability to still make the stiffest and insecure of folk grab their drink and start waving their hands as if they’re at a pool party. You can be in aisle 4 at the grocery store picking up duel towels for a low price and hear “What you working with?!!!” in your eardrums and lose your damn mind.




Meek Mill Ft. Rick Ross “Ima Boss”


So it’s January and you’ve been promising yourself that this WILL BE the year you lose weight but cannot seem to find the motivation? Sit in that parking lock, turn your speakers up, BLAST this track and see if you don’t feel like you can bench press 3times your weight!!! Or ride a gang of miles in that spin class that can wipe the smirk off that oh-so-super-fit instructor’s smug face!!! WARNING: Do NOT listen to this song at your desk job. Big chance that if your supervisor gives you an hour long assignment at 4:45pm on a Friday and your clock out time is 5pm, you may throw those same papers in their face, quit on the spot and walk out screaming “Ima BAWSE!!!!!”


The Diplomats “Dipset Anthem”

If you are in your mid-30s there’s a good chance that Dipset was a huge part of your college experience. Love or hate them nobody could resist the urge to do that Uptown dip whenever those drum beats came on. When Juelz Santana raps “I see a town I’m liking…” it makes you want to buy a white oversized t-shirt with a super flat brim baseball cap with matching red bandanna until you realize you have a job interview in the morning and looking like a circus clown will not increase a bump in salary.


Young Jeezy “Trap Or Die”

Even the most dedicated wearing Tims in the summer 90s lover couldn’t resist the urge to make the twisted face once Jeezy came on the scene in 2005. “Trap or Die” created fantasies in your mind of suitcases filled with money and beautiful strippers that made you want to change your life decisions.  Fast forward to the present and this same track will bring out your inner trap confidence to fight that same bouncer you saw body slam three dudes in a row the week before because to hear Jeezy screamed out “Trap or die, nigga!!!” gives you the strength of 10 men!!!



Juvenile “Back That Azz Up” Mannie Fresh & Lil Wayne


It doesn’t matter how sophisticated you may claim yourself to be because once the sound of those violins and bass drop hits backed by Juvenile prediction that “Cash Money Records taking over for the 99 and the 2000!!!” all sanity goes out the window. A mother of two will easily place her hands on the knees to try and relive a moment in time when flexibility had no limits unlike now how those same joints may snap, crackle and pop if not bathed in Epsom salt.