10) My Baldhead Is Better Than…

The Black community is strongly loyal to the fade like your Aunt is committed to baking that 7up pound cake every Thanksgiving.  And yes, a perfect cut fade always looks GQ when you upload a new pic to your social media profile. However; a perfect fade can be deceptive. A perfect fade means you’re hiding something, like being the type of dude who brushes his teeth but doesn’t clean the toothbrush afterward. 


9) One Friday Night: She, Me and He…

Fresh out the shower Tony was feeling his best self. Tony, who had turned age 19 a few weeks ago was a light-skinned complication with curly short jet-black hair cut in a fade taper and was a skinny physical built type who never had an issue getting girls to go on dates. However; tonight’s date was with no mere ordinary young “girl” blowing bubblegum at the mall, tonight was special because this date was Tony’s first with an “older woman.” Outkast “So Fresh, So Clean” played in the background on the stereo giving off the best vibe to what would become a great night. Earlier that day while getting a haircut from his friend DL, Tony with excitement sat in the barber chair to tell the story of how he got the “baddest chick ever!!!”


8) Final Five: 5 Reasons Why Big K.R.I.T. Should Get A Second Chance

Almost a decade ago Big K.R.I.T. was mentioned in the same breath as Kendrick LamarJ.ColeDrakeJoey Badass, and Big Sean as one of the leaders of the new generation of Hip Hop. Big K.R.I.T. highly praised mixtapes set even higher expectations once it was announced he signed with Def Jam in hopes to compete for Hip Hop supremacy. However; after his first major release “Live From The Underground” had a lukewarm response followed by the departure from Def Jam, The King Remembered In Time sat on the sidelines almost forgotten as both respected and less talented artist surpassed him. 


7) Howard Homecoming: How Black Is That?

Follow me to a place where time stands still and blackness reigns supreme. A place so black that it sticks out on your global map. Black like Jesus true roots. Black like deep Farrakhan conscious black. Black like “Hell Naw I ain’t vote for him!!!” Black like Wesley Snipes in the 90s-black having sex in every movie black. Black like corporate America Wall Street black tie black. Black in different shades, like Beyoncé brown, DJ Yella, or Alek Wek black. The type of black that shows unity but yet is never reported by mainstream media because nobody is getting shot black.


6) When You’re Raised In Rape Culture…

Yea son, I get it. It’s crazy, right? Everywhere you turn from your timeline to your favorite news channel there’s another man getting accused of sexual harassment or rape. Stories like:


5) The 5 Best Standout Lines on Rapsody’s “Laila’s Wisdom”

For loyal fans who have been following the North Carolina/9th Wonder protégé MC, Rapsody’s “Laila Wisdom” satisfies their long-awaited drought for new music. For those who are unfamiliar or uncertain here are 5 dope bars that should peak your interest.


4) Lessons From My Father(s)

My first father’s lesson was taught to me at age 9. It was his weekend to pick me up so I was on my front porch steps waiting with my bag on a Friday around 7:58pm. Two minutes had passed and exactly right on time the sound of Rick James playing loudly through the speakers of an all-white Riviera was a scene like WWE stage entrance music. The arrival of my father every other weekend was like a celebrity sighting. As always, a unified hush among came as soon as the car was parked. On a routine, the music volume would turn down and the door would open with smoke coming out. The smoke would clear revealing his latest fashion choice.


3) All Eyez On Me: The Movie That Failed Us All

I promise that I originally had no intentions of writing any type review or comment on the Tupac Shukar biopic “All Eyez On Me.” I make no secret that Hip Hop is the culture that literally saved my life by providing me with a sense of purpose. Hip Hop has always been Mt. Olympus and 2pac being one of its gods. Pac along with The Notorious B.I.G., LL Cool JLauryn HillJay-ZNas and a gang of others too far down the list to mention always represented the culture as art to its fullest. Movies like “Notorious” and“Straight Outta Compton” are a constant reminder that I am now at the age where the heroes of my youth are now being portrayed on the Hollywood screen so it’s easy to imagine why watching these films can cause me to be a bit oversensitive. 


2) How Combat Jack Lit A Spark In My Life

The news from the groupchat hit me like a sharp pain in my chest. “Reggie ‘Combat Jack’ Osse dies from cancer at age 48.” I was outside and immediately found a bench to sit on and gathered my thoughts. I instantly remembered a time some years ago when I was living in Fort Wayne, IN as a radio jock up late in my apartment using some cat who was slippin WiFi and accidentally discovered The Combat Show through a music blog. Combat Jack was interviewing Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God whom at the time folks knew little about his personal background. Charlamagne told Combat Jack about his journey from a small town in South Carolina to become a co-host on the popular syndicated radio show The Breakfast Club.   


1) Detroit: So, Yes I Still Love You…

My earliest memory of falling in love with you was on Cortland Street where I was raised. My uncle Walter, whose DJ name was “Black Mac” used to spin records with two life-size speaker boxes that would bring the whole neighborhood out during the block parties. We never once asked you for permission, we just set-up roadblocks so folks knew not to drive down the street. It was annoying how my God-sister Tish would always cut in front of me at the hamburger line while we laughed at the old folks trying to do the new dances. Cortland was a block that had living contradictions whether it was the corner church that sat directly across the liquor store or the way the sweet nice grandmother kept her grandson’s cocaine in the sugar jar.