As a glorified music geek, it should be no surprise to anyone that I take serious pride in my playlist creations. While at most 30+ home gatherings it is required to bring liquor, my circle of friends has always made it a requirement for me to bring a dope ass playlist for the night. “Dope Vibez” is my personal favorite series because it fits my random abstract mood for all occasions.  Here are some standout tracks from the DV playlist for you to enjoy on any game night, random social setting or simply just to get through that daily 9-5. 

***WARNING*** These vibes may give you the urge to do the following:

smoke, drink, wear dark shades inside a dark room, wear silly Ne-Yo black hat with a short brim, try to talk philosophically but really sound stupid, forget oven is on, play spades until 5am, watch the movie “Get Out” on mute while talking about white privilege, and pretty much fail at anything that needs your immediate attention.

Kendrick lyrically finesses this track so high that you will find yourself with a desire for munchable snacks like skittles and Flamin Hot Cheetos. “These Walls” is a dope throwback groove that not only showcases KDot’s versatility but is sure to have you two-stepping the night away playing blackjack with your friends. 

  • Anna Wise “Precious Possession”

I first heard of Anna Wise through her frequent team-ups on Kendrick Lamar’s first two albums where she provided background vocals for a few songs. However, my eyebrow was raised when “Precious Possession” played background on an episode of  Dear White People when the female protagonist provided a seductive image of her receiving oral pleasure from a gentleman while smoking a blunt and breaking fourth wall looking directly into the camera. I hadn’t been that turned on since seeing Janet on the cover of Vibe magazine as a kid. 

  • Flatbush Zombies “222”

In an era where today’s Hip Hop has adopted an “ME FIRST” solo mentality, it’s refreshing to hear this trio perform not just as a clique but an actual GROUP!!! I’ve been tracking Flatbush Zombies for the past few years and can vouch that they’ve made some pretty impressive records but none so far will send you on a fantastic vibe voyage like 222. Lyric-wise the group pushes against the stereotypical mumble rap genre by sounding crisp and precise while rhyming smoothly while a singer provides vibe vocals that match. The production sound is so passionate that it’s easy to mistake the song’s theme for emotional affection for a person when in reality it’s the love expression of cannabis sativa. Snoop Dogg would shed a gangsta tear. 

  • KAYTRANDA “Leave Me ALone” FT. Shay Lia

Play this track right on a Saturday afternoon and see if the bass beat doesn’t damn near have you cleaning up the entire house when the original plan was only to do the dishes. 

  • H.E.R. “Let Me In”

By now it’s no secret that H.E.R. once went by Gabi Wilson who transformed her entire style with the release of the self-titled album early 2017. If you’re one of those who has been sleeping underneath a musical contemporary rock then “Let Me In” is a great intro to H.E.R. version of dope R&B vibe.

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