From the same music geek spirit that brought you “Top 5 Songs From My Dope Vibez Playlist” here are top 10 standout tracks from the year that has been praised as the best ever.



10) Janet Jackson “That’s The Way Love Goes”

Before the Super Bowl boob, Tyler Perry films, Billionaire EX husband, and becoming a new mommy; Miss Jackson once reigned as Queen of the Universe. In the same year starring in Poetic Justice with Tupac Shukar she released the self-titled “Janet” album that featured a sexy sound/look and a young JLo in the music video.



9) 2Pac “I Get Around”

If not for the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” this 2Pac track would be the Hip Hop summer anthem for sure. Once April touchdown, “I Get Around” can be heard in constant radio rotation from every loud car speakers from the Cali to Detroit. Two thoughts come to mind whenever this video comes on:

  1. Damn, Pac was a talented dude who died way too young.
  2. Do you take shame or pride if you’re a young person and see your mommy dancing in the bubble bath with Pac?




8) Jodeci “Feenin” 

Two pretty boys, one dude who wore a full-length starter coat/vest with matching hat in the desert and one shirtless ashy bird chest over-singing gentlemen collectively made up the bad boys of R&B known as Jodeci. Fresh off their sophomore album Diary Of A Mad Band(which is one of the greatest R&B albums of all time, don’t care what you say)Feenin” cemented Jodeci’s lock on the streets with its realist description of how The Love Below can be a harder addiction than 88 crack rock sold at The Carter. 



7) Lords Of The Underground “Chief Rocka”

The mere moment those horns kicked in this song an instant throwback desire to lace up that old pair of gym shoes and the find the nearest basket ball court. The MC’s high energy will make you feel like it’s possible to ball like Jordan on the 96 Bulls  despite a reality that age plus weight gain will make it hard to even catch up with Mike as a Wizard. 



6) Xscape “Just Kicking It”

Before Kandi and Tiny became reality show Queens they were part of the group known considered the female Jodeci better known as Xscape. “Just Kickin It” was such an irresistible thug loving song that even the hardest Boyz In Da Hood would find themselves quietly singing the chorus “Kick off your shoes and relax your feet…” despite how Biggie felt. 


5) Digable Planets “Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)”

Not sure what this once jazzy trio is up to these days but whats for certain is that cello bass sound drop makes it the perfect soundtrack for those who smoke Newports and wear dark shades in the club.


4) Tevin Campbell “Can We Talk”

Tevin Campbell, even a teenager is one of the greatest pure voices of an era, which is a good thing because the scene in the video where he’s playing football is about as convincing as OJ Simpson claiming his innocence.



3) Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M”

It should be no surprise to anyone that the dopest abbreviation of all time came from one of the greatest Hip Hop groups ever assembled. “C.R.E.A.M.” is a street gospel song that sonically comes off as gritty as the fire pit visual of Method Man singing the chorus.



2) Mary J. Blige “Love No Limit” 

Mary J. Blige’s Queen of Hip Hop crown was cemented in the DNA of generation with emotions deep like a middle school crush. The black & white of the video gave “No Limit” a certain quality of rawness with a delicate touch relaxation for the mind and fear for the soul once you realized the gentlemen she’s singing to is no other than Simon Adebisi from the TV show OZ. #ScaredStriaght



1)  Souls Of Mischief “93 ‘Til Infinity”

93 To Infinity  manage to make a dent in the culture during the Gangsta rap era with a vibe sound that is reminiscent of high school rhymes being spit with a student desk knuckle beat background. The MC’s are light-hearted and deliver perfect mellow flows that match the record’s organic production despite the fact the song itself has had a longer lifespan than it’s various host.  #ToInfinityAndBeyond


Whether you believe 1993 was the best year for music or not one cannot deny it continuous impact on the culture aftward and beyond. For more, click out my throwback playlist  #RetroRewind93 and enjoy/share.