A little black child committed suicide, and nobody cares…

Maybe she was gay? Yea, that’s it. Maybe she was touched by an adult in her life and the action itself forced her to really like girls. Maybe she couldn’t live with the guilt because according to the bible that most of us have never read yet always quote “All gays got to hell!!!” Apparently, God forgives all things except gays and Hitler.  So yeah, maybe she was a “Dyke Bitch” and he was a “Faggot.” Maybe the little black boy watched heterosexual pornography every night praying to get a sexual rise for women while he felt dirty scrubbing his skin with soap every day until it bled. Maybe the little black girl would often place her hand over a flamed lighter for long periods every time she caught herself staring at another girl’s skirt for too long. Who cares that gay and lesbian couples love each other while also raising kids with the same everyday challenges that heterosexual couples face. Yep, that’s it, the little black boy killed himself because at church the pastor said: “Being gay is bringing forth the destruction of the black community.” Never mind the fact that the church itself sits across the street from a crackhouse that produces drugs every day because the crack epidemic never hurt anybody. Systematic racial oppression, mass incarceration of blacks for minor crimes, underpaid teachers who work at low-income schools, or radical gun violence to name a few, absolutely contributed nothing to the decline of the black community. Nope, it’s gays spreading their gayness to the world and making it ok these days to be gay because being gay is a fad that did not exist before the year 1997. Maybe the little black child died because folks could not tell the difference between a homosexual and pedophile? Maybe at the moment, the little black child didn’t care what a thousand-year-old book with exaggerated tales said about being gay and going to Hell because, at the moment, nothing could compare to the Hell on earth that they faced every day.


A little black child committed suicide, and nobody cares…

Maybe they were bullied? Yea, that’s it, she was bullied. Maybe he never told anyone he was being bullied, not even his bullies. Maybe her good grades and positive attitude that was praised daily by all the school teachers and counselors was an insult to her peers. Maybe all the students once upon a time were all friends back in their single digit age until adolescence brought hormones and jealousy into the mix. Maybe instead of playing together during recess other students separated into small separate groups and began to tease the little black girl about her funny shaped nose and always joked about the little black boy’s skin complication. Maybe the students at the school created a social media page where they took turns using different ways to call her a “Hoe” even though she was a virgin. Maybe she cried every morning because her timeline was filled with insults from so-called friends who used coded online names to hide their shame. Maybe the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” was always a useful lazy lie an adult could tell a child before the rise of social media. Maybe little Ralphie from A Christmas Story was only able to defeat his bully because he could physically face his tormentor vs the modern reality of digital thumb thugs. Maybe the little black girl who killed herself expressed her Gen Z concerns to an adult whose Baby Boomer response was “Just turn your phone off.” Maybe the disconnect the little black boy felt was too much to bare so between the adults and peers at his school there seemed to be no solution to his pain. So yea, he was bullied and that is why he killed himself.


A little black child committed suicide, and nobody cares…

Maybe the family of the little black girl was in denial? Yea, they definitely had to have been blind because the signs were obvious to everyone else but them. Maybe when a family friend told them that they sensed something was wrong, the parents responded with a typical “Well you’re not a parent so you wouldn’t know anything about kids,” comment. Never mind that once a child becomes school age that they spend a majority portion of their day with educators who may or may not be parents. Because the last time whenever somebody was rushed to the hospital on an emergency the first thing came to their mind was “I wonder what if the doctor sends his kids to private or public schools?” Maybe no matter how many teachers and close friends expressed their concerns for the little black boy who killed himself, the family simply brushed off any possibility of suicide as some “White people shit.” We all know that black folks don’t believe in therapy because blacks are lowkey superhuman creatures who never feel pain. Never mind that mental health should be taken seriously and suicide is not just a “white thing” it’s a reality for all races. Yea, teenage suicide is for the entitled and unappreciative white bratty kids you see on TV, not for the everyday struggle black American youth.


A little black child committed suicide, and nobody cares…

Maybe it’s because there was no “daddy” in their life. Yea that’s it because it is impossible for a woman to raise a child alone especially a male. If the mother had a husband, then she wouldn’t have been too busy working all the time in order to barely pay rent to notice her daughter stays in her room majority of the day with the lights off. The black mother was too overprotective making her son too soft and weak to become a real man because only cowards commit suicide and real BLACK men are never scared of anything. A real BLACK man takes it on the chin and keeps moving forward overcoming any hurdle that comes his way. If black mothers weren’t so proud and headstrong to submit themselves to a perfectly fitted Hotep “let me lead you my blind sister” gentlemen she wouldn’t be divorced or be a baby momma. Never mind that most “Full of shit”critics who preach this malarkey were raised by single mothers who sacrificed their own livelihood so that their sons can have a better life. The little black girl would never have been a victim of sexual assault if she would’ve had a father present to warn her that wearing a short skirt would be trouble. There no reason for a little black girl to scream #MeToo when she has her Daddy to teach her “How NOT to get raped.” America itself only cared about any #MeToo movement when a gang of celebrity white women screamed “Victim.” Yes, the little black girl would still be alive if she had a father instead of being called a “slut who can’t get a boyfriend” by her peers which are in no way related to the toxic societal message that only worthy women become wives to men who reward them for their good behavior.


A little black child committed suicide, and nobody cares…

A lifeless body was found cold, his brown eyes open but not looking, her once bright smile gone. Her ears will never again hear a mother call out her name. His nose will never smell a father’s cologne. He will never know what it’s like to attend a prom and she will be absent at her High School graduation. They made their first adult decision and it was a deadly one that cannot be reversed. The family will mourn, and endless tears will flow creating a river of confusion that everyone who is involved will swim in. People will guess the problem but not try to figure out the problem. Folks will give out blame but never accept any blame. Answers will rather be created than discovered, while the search for a resolution will be for the conscience and never for the victim. A little black child is gone because we failed to love them. A little black child is dead because we choose to stay blind instead of seeking the truth. A little black child committed suicide because they couldn’t see past their pain and nobody cares because we couldn’t see past ourselves.