***These are past random thoughts from an intellectually short attention span abstract mind that sometimes makes sense…..or maybe not.***

5) I Missed My First Super Bowl, But Not Because Of What You May Think

First off, I have to be honest when I say that my decision to not watch any games for the 2017 NFL season was not part of a boycott. I would never disrespect those who actually have put their heart and thought process into boycotting the NFL by comparing it to my journey. When early talks of boycotting the NFL began on social media in response to the negative backlash former San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was receiving for taking a knee during the National Anthem my reaction was pretty much “How Sway?”

4) A Little Black Child Committed Suicide, And Nobody Cares

Maybe she was gay? Yea, that’s it. Maybe she was touched by an adult in her life and the action itself forced her to really like girls. Maybe she couldn’t live with the guilt because according to the bible that most of us have never read yet always quote “All gays got to hell!!!” Apparently, God forgives all things except gays and Hitler. 

3) Black Panther: 7 Random Thoughts

Son was so focused on revenge that he poisoned a white woman with bad decaf coffee, shot and killed his own girl as she was being held, hostage, killed his partner and used his dead body as a bargaining tool, strangled an old lady for questioning him, and killed a recently fixed eyed Forrest Whitaker, all because of daddy issues and a failed foster care system.

2) How Combat Jack Lit A Spark In My Life 

 I worked in traditional radio and it became harder with each breath to ask caller number 9 to call up for Kevin Hart tickets when I really wanted to talk about Trayvon Martin for more than 30secs. My passion for music hadn’t decreased, however; listening to the Combat Jack Show open my eyes up to a whole underground movement that was growing on the internet with people creating their own platforms of expression. 

1) Reflection: Last Year, This Year…

One of my character flaws is that I tend to wear blinders for way too long in pursuit of goals. At times, I focus on the endgame ahead so deep that all present matters get ignored which can become an unhealthy way to live. In hindsight, I realize that neglecting opportunities for personal times of joy were making me feel less accomplished and more resentful.