10) J.Cole performs at the LoveJones café:

I’ve always hated the “J.Cole makes boring music” criticism, however, his BET Awards performance definitely was for a small dark lounge that burns Erykah Badu type candle incense while giving cool snap fingers as a applause.


9) 2 Chainz steals the show from Nick Minaj

There was “Queen” Nick Minaj performing in all her glory only to be upstaged by ATL rapper 2 Chainz who came on stage dripping in jewelry wearing a suit jacket with matching solid gold shorts that he bought from an outlet in the land of OZ. It was no doubt that 2 Chainz did not come to play but instead came dressed like a 70s pimp ready to tongue kiss your favorite auntie by the wedding cake.


8) Migos were lowkey dull.‪

Migos is an example of how blowing up on the internet can give an artist fame and success but not performance skills. The trio seemed less enthused by their lackluster performance than we did to watch them. Not sure why they place more energy into their videos then when a crowd is in front of them? Is it stage fright? Anxiety? Or are they too cool to break a sweat in their luxurious silk attire that was imported from Thailand?!!


7) Ryan Coogler is soooo Oakland

I do not apologize for loving every moment whenever Ryan Coogler speaks in public. Haters will say that he doesn’t speak the “Queen’s English” but “F— the Queen!!!” I raised my black fist when the director of Black Panther while receiving his BET Award for Best Movie said: “We wanna say thanks to Black Twitter for ridin for us!!!” My only wish is to one day see Ryan Coogler and fellow Oakland native Marshawn Lynch together host Reading Rainbow. 


6) Jamie Foxx freestyle hosted the night away

Between, randomly grabbing Michael B Jordan to recite a Black Panther line, or spontaneously making Donald Glover perform a verse off This Is America, Jamie Foxx seemed not give any fcuks about a script whenever he touched the mic. One would love to hope that maybe the teleprompter was acting up but then again it’s Jamie Foxx who is perfectly predictable at being unpredictable.


5) Daniel Caesar makes one teardrop music

HER is one the dopest artist out, so get familiar but when she was joined by fellow newcomer Daniel Caesar both their harmonies dig deep into the soul of regret. Daniel Caesar makes the type of songs that make me want to call up my 7th-grade crush with a choked up voice like LeBron James after an NBA game 4 sweep  at 3am to say “I’m sorry.” Sorry for leaving you that day on swings to go play “It” with my homies. I should’ve known you were the one when you gave me your last lollipop from that class trip.


4) Somebody gonna snitch and call Child Labor Laws on DJ Khaled for the overtime hours his son Asahd puts in

Like, we get it, DJ Khaled’s son Asahd is living his best toddler life more so than any adult. Between award shows and stuntin for the gram poppa, DJ Khaled doesn’t miss any opportunity to showcase baby boy Asahd propped up in the air while announcing his name for the 100th time like a brand. Hopefully, in between shopping for the latest Louie bag and collecting more passport stamps than Hov that baby Asahd still finds time to learn his ABCs.


3) We missed the chance to see everyone “Boo’d Up”

During London singer Ella Mai’s performance, the camera barely showed us viewers at home any visual of the celebrities in attendance reaction. “Boo’d Up” is the song of the summer and it would’ve been an everlasting memory to witness the thuggish of rappers like Migos two-step side to side in their Gucci blouses holding hands in a circle singing “OOOOOOOOOOOH, Now I’ll never get over you until I find something new!!!”


2) The upcoming Bobby Brown movie is gonna be fire!!!

The New Edition movie was a masterpiece but this upcoming Bobby Brown movie is geared up to be a classic. From getting kicked out of New Edition for doing too many pelvic thrusts on stage to having sex with a ghost. No entertainer alive has a greater story to tell than the King of R&B Bobby Brown. The only way this movie can be a disappointment if they refused to show what Bobby Brown mentioned in his own book a visual of him frying chicken and cocaine at the SAME DAME TIME!!!


1) Snoop Dogg closing out the BET Awards performing Gospel is one of the biggest WTFs of 2018!!!

The beauty of getting older is that I have now lived long enough to see my favorite childhood gangster rappers morph into business owners, legit family men, and NOW Gospel singers!!! While starting the performance with “Whats My Name” as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of his debut album Doggystyle the big homie Snoop Dogg broke into a full spiritual mode singing a song off his latest Gospel album titled “Bible Of Love.” Yes, the man who once sang Murder Was The Case was joined by Gospel artist Tye Tribbett on stage as jaws dropped in confusion. The sight alone was enough to resurrect former protesters of Hip Hop like the late C. Delores Tucker from her grave only to die again at the visual of Snoop Dogg wearing a robe with a full out church choir in the background waving their arms in OG gangster glory. Personally, I’m all for growth and appreciate veteran rapper Snoop Dogg expressing his spiritual feelings but lord help me during the performance in the back of my head all I kept hearing was Ain’t no fuuuuuuuuun, if the homies can’t haaaaaaaaaave none!!!”


***Bonus: Had to take this moment to praise my fellow Detroit native “Queen” Anita Baker for receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award!!! #ThatIsAll