Cortland Chronicles: The First Time I Got Shot At…

BANG!!! The gunshot went off and for 1 second I saw myself as a 1year old struggling to walk towards the door as my mother and father cheered me on. The 2nd second I saw smoke coming from the Dusty Dude’s hand as his mouth slowly formed the word “MUTHA-FUCK-KAAA!!!”

J.Cole DGAF: #KidsOnDrugs

 Instead of caring about the latest trend on social media, Jermaine Lamarr Cole is walking barefoot on a distant island wearing a bright red fur coat with tan colored cut off khakis, drinking coconut water while twisting one of his hair locks.


Once Upon A Time In The Projects….

Brenda then came in between pushing both of us to the side with a broomstick and started hitting both DL and White Boy Donald repeatedly until they separated themselves from each other. DL started picking up his clothes while White Boy Donald stood in the corner being held at broomstick distance by Brenda.


Amp’s Wisdom: A Graduation Gift

Amp then began to get quiet, drifting away and never completing the last sentence. He then stood up abruptly pulling his shorts up to the waist and stared into the dark light, still not saying anything for at least a minute. He grabbed a small fro comb from the back of his head and began picking his hair upward while reaching over to dap me up for the night. “Alright,”


XXXTentacion’s Death Was Not A Final Answer

The internet offers free reigns for any teen or young adult to display their songs at-will giving the chance to receive overnight fame with no guide nor knowledge on how to handle it. Record labels profit off their art while supplying the young artist toys like cars and cash for a new house but with limited(or none) counsel for their past and now new life