She smiled at him across from the room

He smiled back and found himself staring

She met him halfway

He asked her to “C’mere”

She was 19 and studied Political Science

He was 19 and studied Journalism

She wanted to be a lawyer but enjoyed to sing

He wanted to be a writer but was always playing basketball

She liked his laugh

He liked her eyes

She enjoyed their first date

He was nervous on their first date

She felt that they both had a lot in common

He felt she was out his league

She texted “Good Morning”

He texted “Goodnight”

She liked IHOP

He like Waffle House

She loved Musiq Soulchild

He loved The Roots

She liked holding his hand while looking at the moonlight

He liked to hold her hand right before they kissed

She became busy with school, work, and life

He became busy with life, school, and work

She argued that he drifted and was never present

He argued that she was selective and dealt with him when convenient

She felt maybe they should see other people

He said he didn’t care if they dated other people

She lied about her feelings for him

He lied about not having any feelings at all

She distanced herself from him but would often wonder how he was

He distracted himself from her and stayed busy to move on

Her days became weeks

His months became years

She one day walked into her favorite coffee shop

He one day was having coffee inside his favorite coffee shop

She smiled when she saw him

He blushed when he saw her

Her hands felt sweaty when she hugged him

His heart skipped a beat when he hugged her

She mentioned she worked at a law firm and sings on the weekends

He mentioned working on his 3rd book and balls every Thursday

She talked about how she recently got engaged to someone

He talked about recently moving in with someone

She told him she was proud of him and always knew he would be successful

He told her that she inspired him because to him she was always special

She lost track of time but still had to say goodbye

He remembered he was running late but wanted to wish her the best

She said she often wonders what might have been

He said he often wonders the same

She realized she loved him

He remembered he loved her

They both felt there was always room for time

But now understand that time had no room for them…



J Hall is a Detroit-bred Howard Bison multimedia culture critic. An abstract thinker who believes “You ain’t wrong when you’re right,” and that his mother’s cupcakes are legendary. Check out his slight worldwide view here: