These movies have a lowkey addiction bug that numbs the senses of all space, time, and reality. Whether the clock says 3pm or 3am if a glimpse of one of these films comes across one’s TV or youtube menu than there’s a high chance that sleep for the morning meeting will take a loss. What makes these classic movies addictive is their unforgettable jaw-dropping scenes and quotable lines that still gives chills, raises eyebrows and high volume laughs.


7) Paid In Full

The true story of the infamous Harlem, NY kingpin trio delivers stand out visuals of the 80s crack era that can never be repeated. The clothes, the music, the glitz, the glam and the tragedies all collectively add to the film’s legend but it is only when the character Rico(played by Cam’Ron) says “Niggaz get shot everyday B!!!” that one’s sees it’s genius.



6) Wolf Of Wall Street

Yes, drugs are bad but unfortunately, Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of a young Wallstreet CEO is an unapologetic guilty pleasure. From landing a helicopter(while high) at 3am in the backyard of his own mansion to sniffing cocaine off a prostitute’s backside, this movie not only erases the “Cheaters never win” myth, it calls it a straight liar. White privilege never looked so insane and so addictive to watch at the same time.


5) The Dark Knight

One has to remind themselves that this movie is about Batman, the dark hero for justice instead of the maniac yet entertaining AF criminal The Joker who is living his best life. Cops, as well as crooks, were all victims of the Joker’s madness that had no limits from killing off Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend to burning a pyramid size stack of money. “Some men just wanna the world burn” was the best description of The Joker’s personality as he party crashed rich cocktail parties and blew up a police station all while driving down Gotham avenue in a police car with his head out like a dog enjoying a Sunday ride.


4) City of God

Doughboy, O-Dog, Bishop and any other hood “go hard” film character you can name will all fall short when you stack their body count up to the infamous Lil Ze. This 5’4  trigger happy Brazillian boss would make the toughest most gangsta dude on your block spit shine his shoes. The film is kids playing ‘Cops & Robbers” with real guns and not a care in the world who gets killed in between but it is Lil Ze’s unpredictable nature that makes the film DVR worthy. This dude would shoot you if you owed him money, shoot you if you ate the last biscuit or just shoot you because the conversation began to bore him. The most dangerous hood here in America is a Baskin Robbins in comparison to the City of God. 


3) The Best Man

Nia Long looks gorgeous and Terrance Howard needed an Oscar for playing himself.  Watching Harper running scared in each scene to prevent his darkest secret from being revealed is enjoyable karma. No best man and bride of any wedding was ever looked at the same without a raised eyebrow of curiosity while the melody of D’Angelo “Shit, Damn, Muthafcuka” played in the back of the mind. Forehead kisses between “old” friends became outlawed and were replaced with 5ft distant high-fives.


2) The Temptations Movie

To watch actor Leon’s portrayal of the late David Ruffin stealing the show(and the mic) with rockstar cocaine antics while speaking in 3rd person is the gift that keeps on giving. The entire two-part Temptation movie is a historical experience that makes one further respect appreciate the Motown era while thanking baby Jesus social media didn’t exist in the 1960s.


1) Baby Boy

Boyz N’ The Hood and the Maury show had a baby that created the greatest worst movie of all time. Baby Boy should definitely be in the record books for the most quotable lines of the Millenium. From “I hate you Jody!!!” to “Momma gotta have a life too” and not to mention Snoop Dogg’s “Fuck yo fort!!!” brings out from the bottom of your gut soul type laughter that never gets old. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously and neither should you once the scene of Marvin drinking kool-aid in the kitchen becomes a visual one cannot unsee.


Whats your addiction movie?!!

J Hall