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7 Movies That Are Addictive AF!!!

This movie not only erases the “Cheaters never win” myth, but it also calls it a straight liar. White privilege never looked so insane and so addictive to watch at the same time…

Mac Miller’s Death: The Drug Lesson

A movie where a pro athlete sniffs coke off a woman’s breast looks a lot cooler than dirty tank top crackhead man offering to perform a homosexual act for an ounce of dope does not…

7 Lifelong Lies That Need To Die

Even if one were to gather every black celebrity actor/rapper/NBA/NFL player they would still only add up to be a small fly in an overcrowded room filled with GatesBezos, and Ford children. 


White Mall Black Mall: How It All Starts

Ms. Jackson released her son allowing him to have life leaving finger marks on around his neck. “I’m sorry momma” the son said, as Ms. Jackson then pulled herself together by moving a slightly misplaced hair from her eye while giving the shocked white folks who witnessed the ordeal a “nothing to see here folks” forced smile…

Quincy Jones: 5 Random Thoughts On Historical Dopeness

It is noted that most of Quincy Jones relationships with women failed when seeking the same attention as his work proving that once a creative finds it’s muse, nothing else matters…

Everybody Dies…

Tony covered his own mouth to keep silent and his eyes locked in on his friend Lucky who began reaching out towards him and suddenly finding himself surrounded by 4 other men who came out of different corners.


J Hall