To my embarrassed black friend,

Yea, I am sorry, not sorry that when the sight Kanye West praising the President of United whiteness Donald Trump in the White House brought the pressure of blue-eyed shame from White folks that made you feel like a child who had disappointed their parents on report card day. The visual on the breakroom TV of an illogical Kanye hugging his favorite almighty white man gave chills as you could feel the shame stare from across the room as your liberal co-workers Harold and Jane stood by the water cooler shaking their heads in disgust. You, my dear embarrassed black friend, became angry because once again here’s ANOTHER black person on screen embarrassing US and making US look bad in front of THEM!!! Well, here’s a water is wet newsflash for you my friend: Kanye represents Kanye and you should feel more embarrassed at yourself.

Seriously, was there a secret letter of recommendation in progress waiting for approval that was supposed to promote you further into the white acceptance world of afternoon yoga classes and avocado love?!! Do you really think that whether Kanye West is proclaiming that “Slavery was a choice or stating how wearing a MAGA hat gives him superpowers,” to battle his inferior complex of women would change the already set-in-stone viewpoint of an outward or lowkey racist white person has about black people?!!


Kanye’s narcissistic antics don’t change the thought process of a genuine progressive white person who understands the roots of racism but confirms the inner prejudice already existing inside a white superiority complex mindset that will use any illogical reasoning to confirm their bullshit. Neither Kanye nor the latest Tiffany Haddish movie is why your boss Steve makes comments from the 1990s like “Don’t be ghetto,” or “Wassup my main man in the house!!!” 

If you’re embarrassed by a Kanye or any other black person that you feel acts out of pocket then continue to also add yourself to that list. Be embarrassed that in 2018 and beyond you still determine your blackness based on the thoughts and actions of white society. Be embarrassed that you’ve been living a black lie because deep down inside you feel as if you understand why a black teenager wearing a hoodie in their own neighborhood looks suspicious.  Be embarrassed that your desire to make whiteness comfortable is in relation to the same ideal that believes Mike Brown was a thug who got what was deserved because he allegedly stole a bag of skittles. Be embarrassed that like Kanye, you are one of the screwed-up types of black person who craves the acceptance from the white hierarchy in hope for a better tomorrow. So yea, sorry my dear embarrassed black friend Kanye West is not the problem, your desperation to apologize for all things black in hopes it will gain you an uninvited seat at the table is.

J Hall