You’re not smarter than everyone else because you don’t vote. I know you’ve always prided yourself on having infinite 3rd eye knowledge based from the rabbit hole of YouTube theories and Hotep book scriptures made by long-bearded dudes named Raheem. I know by seeing your neverending character length social media rants that you’re somehow expecting a Medal of “I told you so” Honor for being defiant but newsflash; nobody cares.

The late 90s/early 2000s “Voting is useless because THEY already know who is gonna win” rhetoric is about as outdated as those same army pants you’ve committed to for the past six summers. Unlike an oversized 3 piece easter suit, your ideas are not too big to understand or so deep that the average brain isn’t woke enough to get it. No, my conspiracy thinking friend you do not possess a rare Willy Wonka sacred ticket of information that the rest of us were not worthy to receive. The folding of your arms and stomping of your feet during Election day is not reminiscent of the Black Panthers but of a spoiled child who pouts because nobody is paying them enough attention at someone else’s birthday party.

There is no need to deliver the historical context of the black vote and its importance to someone who is too in love with their own extended misused vocabulary. Information is lost on someone who believes facts are fairytales and based their intellectual decision making on just a “feeling.” Time is wasted on fools with selected memories who refused to see how their past complaints may be actually listed in a present ballot box. Breath is wasted on those who hold resentment for not receiving instant gratification from yelling at the TV screen because unfortunately, nobody was nice enough to hear their concerns from the couch.

Yes, it does take more than a multiple choice selection to change the world, however; voting itself should never be more important to those who work hard to suppressed it than to one who refuse to use their basic civil right because they know that the color of the sky is really purple and everyone else has been tricked to believe otherwise.

What a cold world…

J Hall