“I’m the best takin’ out all rookies,
So forget Oreos…eat Cool J cookies…”







10) Black Panther: 7 Random Thoughts

Yea, this is not a “Think Piece” where I break down every single scene and translate my written thoughts into some deep-not-so-deep type quotes. NOPE!!! This is just what came to mind after I was able to witness the epic #ForTheCulture film “Black Panther.” ..


9) Dear Friend, You Are Not Crazy

So a few days ago I literally found myself talking a friend off the ledge because of some recent personal and professional problems that he was dealing with. The strange thing is that it was our first conversation in two years because of a fall out we’ve had in the past…


8) Cortland Chronicles: The First Time I Got Shot At…

I was age 15 and it was a school night in late March. The night had a hot wind type spring weather that was ideal in Detroit because the winters were always harsh. My grandmother, mother and I had come home from celebrating my Great-grandfather’s late 80s maybe early 90th BDay…


7) You’re Not Smart Because You Don’t Vote

You’re not smarter than everyone else because you don’t vote. I know you’ve always prided yourself on having infinite 3rd eye knowledge based from the rabbit hole of YouTube theories and Hotep book scriptures made by long-bearded dudes named Raheem…


6) J.Cole DGAF: #KidsOnDrugs

Not talking that “unbothered” funny meme type attitude, but that DGAF facial expression one gives when the bill collector raises their voice on the phone. Not quite the Quincy Jones “I’m 80 plus and I’ll say what I want” DGAF but more like “I’m in my 30s, married with a kid and don’t have time to care about your feelings”type DGAF…


5) Dear Embarrassed Black Friend

Yea, I am sorry, not sorry that when the sight Kanye West praising the President of United whiteness Donald Trump in the White House brought the pressure of blue-eyed shame from White folks that made you feel like a child who had disappointed their parents on report card day…


4) Mac Miller’s Death: The Drug Lesson

Mac Miller’s death is the latest example of how society’s reaction to celebrity drug use is based on whether they feel entertained or threatened. The Pittsburgh MC had a reputation of being a cool calmed good-natured funny dude who made dope music and wasn’t known publicly for any suspect behavior…


3) XXXTentacion’s Death Was Not A Final Answer

News of Florida rapper XXXTentacion’s death at age 20 flooded timelines and blog sites alike from many devoted young fans. His death was a murder from an apparent robbery while leaving a motorcycle dealership in his home state. 

2) 7 Lifelong Lies That Need To Die

In the era of Permit PattyCoupon CarlBBQ Becky, and other mayonnaise mayhem, it would be lowkey irresponsible to teach a child that a jolly fat white man will enter their homes holding a tiki torch and reward them for good behavior….

1) She And He

She smiled at him across from the room

He smiled back and found himself staring

She met him halfway

He asked her to “C’mere”

She was 19 and studied Political Science…





J Hall