-The gym is still crowded


-My bills didn’t care about my holiday hangover


-People who support R.Kelly are trash


-Winter comes every year but somehow folks are still scared of snow enough to clean out the grocery store like it’s the zombie apocalypse


Jazz music keeps me calm


-I’m sure that if I die today at the pearly gates will be Sallie Mae asking me about my balance


-Walking down the street is still more dangerous as a black man than being a terrorist


-Russia still runs the country


-I’m excited about Game of Thrones set date but sad I have to wait until April 14th


-People who complain about the winter are the same one who complained about the summer


-Donald Trump serving the Clemson football team Wendys was a shock to everyone except Donald Trump


-The disconnect from social media is real and yet needed


-Sometimes the cancel culture cancels the wrong people


-People will use every BDay shoutout, Throwback Thursday/ flashback Friday moment to show off their 5yr old wedding pictures


-Cornbread is good but it’s the devil


-Starbucks is still crack


Dame Dash still yells at folks even when they’re standing in front of him


Nick Cannon is willfully ignorant


-There should be a GoFundMe page started to send Liam Neeson and his special set of skills to find R.Kelly


Blake Griffin is an example of how millionaires can still be petty


Jeff Bezos will probably give up billions in a divorce and still be a billionaire


Usher doesn’t mind using cool whip in is hair


-I still haven’t watched the NFL this year


-If you can’t afford a Lamborghini then don’t cheat on your wife


Ginuwine’s lace front beard looks like a dyed q-tip


2018 felt like two years


-Some people are lying in their ten-year picture challenge and some people should lie in their ten-year picture challenge


Angela Basset is still gorgeous


-Trump supporters are still dumb


-Morgan Freeman became a Vampire at the age of 62 and has been walking the earth for 3,000 plus years


-The govt shutdown is the result of the president have a temper tantrum


-After the holidays’ black folks are back on the job but no work is getting done until after MLK weekend.


-Free samples at Costco on a Saturday would make a great lunch date but you playing


-If it wasn’t for healthcare most folks would quit their jobs


-Announcement for Coming to America 2 feels less exciting post-Obama era


-Men who wear bowties look like they’re out for world domination


-Men who wear bowties look like they wear a bib at classy dinners


-Group chats need to be muted


-Being black in America is a beautiful struggle.



J Hall