Sex can be a lot of things. Sex can be an early morning quick starter or a late night release of tension. Sex can be a short sensual desirable brief or a long overdue obligated work chore. Sex can be time getting adjusted like driving a new car or sex can be a risk in an instant like skydiving from a plane. Sex can be an emotional drug that yearns exclusivity or sex can be a passionate moment that flows in elusiveness. Sex can be a sensational sugar sweeter than honey dipped in poetic molasses coated in raspberry syrup served on a caramel dish while being consumed like a cherry lollipop with dark chocolate after taste. Yes, good or bad, sex can be many things but the one thing sex should have never been and should never be is a shame.


There are some who are of the belief that sex is a sacred practice that should only be participated with a holy partner missionary style for the sake of producing offspring’s who share the same the last government name. These sexually suppressed psycho’s love to brag while drunk at every party or bar mitzvah to anyone who is within earshot about how much no sex they plan on not having while at the same time feeling the license to touch you inappropriately. Until Jesus The Genie grants them permission to get laid these high tense individuals usually walk the earth with a moral superiority complex over what they see as lesser mortals with self-serving braggadocios statements type like:

“Since I’ve stopped having sex, I’ve climbed three mountains in three months while saving a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!!!”

These are the type of folk who say they do not judge as they judge you to your face. They believe that secular music is sexualized mind control created by Satan and often play in their car at high volume the gospel version of your once favorite now ruined classic R&B songs. These people are not human. They were sent from the distant Planet Lame riding from a rocket ship up their backsides.


The sexually bitter not only contribute but they are the architects of the sex shameful society. These are usually the married or committed type who’s sex life with their partner was always or has become trash and instead of communicating on ways to make it better like a rational human being they prefer to walk the earth in misery. The slightest glimpse of springtime affection pisses off these sexually frustrated Grinchs to point where they find themselves screaming at random teenagers holding hands in the park. The bitter man chooses to live his life as how he was conditioned by choosing the bed bored practical lover because on paper she fit the wholesome “quality” Claire Huxtable image. This angry gentleman spends his time lusting over Instagram models calling them “Whores” while always reminding you that it was Jay-Z’s money and not his looks that got Beyonce. The Bitter lady chooses the captain of the square squad as her mate because he looked poised to be the next Obama. Over the years she grew tired of his dull routine sexual activities and can be often seen on the third glass of wine not tipping the bartender because he had the nerve to not flirt denying her the satisfaction of turning him down. Neither of these individuals can be trusted because they’re both likely to be seen at the local Zoo throwing rocks at the animals.


Sex when practice responsibly is a natural physical activity that occurs between living beings for the sake of commitment, love, or pure unadulterated grown as hell who-gives-a-damn satisfaction. Yes, sex can bring a multitude of emotions that when left unchecked can create confusion, frustration, and heartache so it is perfectly understandable if one chooses to take a break in the same fashion as cutting carbs. However; the temporary abstinence period should be treated as a reset to help one regain focus, not as a punishment for past crimes. There is no guarantee that a partner will be rewarded to you by descending from Olympus made from perfect clay forgiving you of your past sins while riding away on a winged horse into the sunset. It is also foolish to believe that the more sexually free a person is the less quality of a partner they can be. To lay in bed with a sexual doormat does not define loyalty nor guarantee faithfulness because unfortunately lame folks cheat too. If sex itself is truly not your thing, then cool, treat it as such and live on, however; if not, then stop pretending that it ranks only as a small annual bonus when in reality it’s importance is a benefits package.

J Hall