7)  This isn’t another “Get Out”

Because “Get Out” was such a successful woke a—- movie that created a phenomenon for-the-culture moment, most fans who are expecting to be served the same dish will be disappointed. With “Us” director Jordan Peele took an intentional To Pimp A Butterfly left turn avoiding all pigeonholed land mines.


6) White people died quick

The life expectancy of a black person in horror films is usually shorter than a drunk leprechaun. In Us, it is the reverse as the white characters get scissored up something serious 2mins after their first appearance. White folks dropped like flies because in the film evil doppelgangers give no f’s about any form of white savior justice.


5) The father will piss off the Hotep community. 

As a horror fan one can look at the father named “Gabe” in the movie Us as the traditional oblivious character who remains in constant disbelief despite seeing Jason Voorhees chop off three heads after while walking through fire. However, in today’s troll era the visual of seeing a 6’7 nearly 300lb black man be a goofball while his “woman” folk had the nerve to take lead is prime bait for misogynistic think pieces and tweets that preach about the emasculation of the black man for the female agenda. Because when the zombie apocalypse is upon us who cares about using the best solution to live if that idea doesn’t come from a male.


4) Lupita Nyong’o is highly underrated. 

Between the brown leather glove, the DMX orange jumpsuit, and scary AF voice, Lupita’s performance in Us is almost too good. While being conscious that one is watching a fictional universe it still doesn’t change the fact that one is likely to have an instant heart attack if they were to see Lupita in real life standing on a corner holding a pair of Crayola Scissors.


3) Don’t pay too close attention. 

Yes, Us has its messages but not as deep as the film Get Out that delivered constant mind spasms with hidden clues in fruit loops, hair products, and pointing Asian men.


2) “I Got Five On it” will never sound the same again. 

A song that was always known for being a Hip Hop classic weed smoker’s anthem is now tainted with Jordan Peele wicked orchestra texas chopped and screwed version. Now the image of people coming together for the love of urban herbal essence is replaced with Lupita’s offbeat finger snapping and a little black girl’s creepy smile.


1) All bible scriptures are signs for the end of days. 

Whenever a film has a random person holding a board with a bible quote one can be sure that chaos is on the rise. Bible verses in horror films are usually Black Jesus way of saying the following:

“Go the other way fool!!!!!!” 

“Run ninja run!!!”

“You bout to die!!!”


J Hall