The death of LA rapper Nipsey Hussle hits hard. He was the pure definition of self-made black empowerment. Throughout the last decade, he independently released music that gained him a loyal fan base that appreciated his street poetry. His off mic contributions like speaking against inner-city violence and opening small businesses within the black community were held in high regard. The only thing more or just as tragic as Nipsey’s life taken by gunfire is the b.s. fake woke online theories that were birthed because of it.


Nipsey Hussle’s unfortunate demise showcased the ugliest side of today’s social media era. The time where anybody with two thumbs can go online and edit their own backward basement thesis and pass them on as facts. This colony of digital dummies feels because they’ve watched a marathon of flat earth youtube stories that they’ve acquired some sort of deep-not-so-deep type knowledge that trumps all logic.


Nipsey Hussle was killed because he was making a documentary on Dr. Sebi.

 “Dr. Sebi and Nipsey gave the AIDS cure to Magic Johnson!!!”

 “The govt killed Nipsey Hussle because he was developing a free country for all black people.”


The only thing that these offbeat type statements prove is that white people are not the only ones who believe in the magic negro. The idea that a black person in America can only have a successful life if they sell their soul on Amazon is not only foolish but disrespectful to the actual work that they put in. This same type of disrespect is used when a black celebrity like Nipsey Hussle dies tragically. Family, friends, and fans are cheated out of the mourning process because online trolls who suffer from digital dementia take this fatal incident as an opportunity to show off the illiterate genius that they’ve always felt was ignored.


Perhaps the most unfortunate realization of these clueless conspiracists is that their purpose is less about bringing a light of action to a tragedy more so than it is to fulfill their empty egos. These special individuals suffer from an inferiority complex in cases of all things in critical thinking. They are the secret Trump supporters who feel that proven facts and intellectualism are insults to their gut feelings. The statement “My Opinion” is often used as an exclamation point because who has time to have their bias unproven theory challenge when you’re too busy being right.


Right now, at this moment, I have no clear answer, rhyme nor reason to understand why Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of a business he owned within a community he loved. I can only be sure that the issue itself did not take a gun to resolve and that Hip Hop lost a great artist/street poet/conscious mind leaving the world no higher for it.


J Hall