DC or Nothing!!!

Host Regina Hall from the start represented native town Washington DC to the fullest from her DC is just has buckets and condos!!!, commentary, showing visuals of the city’s before and after gentrification effects, to her and fellow dc sister Taraji P. Henson dancing to the 80s School Daze hit “Da Butt” otherwise known as the original twerk song.


Nobody enjoyed being there more than DaBaby and nobody wanting to go home quicker than Lil baby. One had joyous energy for days while the other reluctantly performed as if his mother was making him sing in front of the church members again.

Mary J. Blige is a whole legend who did a 20 plus minute song and dance set while most of the younger artist struggled to lip sync for 13 and a half bars.

Not sure if Lil Nas X is serious, however, he pisses off racist White people, so that’s OK with everyone Black.

HER is the pure definition of a “gifted talent.”

It’s been 20 plus years, and Lil Kim still raps that “I Can Love You” verse angry like the late great Notorious B.I.G. is still married to Faith Evans.

While DJ Khaled was on stage next to Meek Mill, most petty folks kept hoping for Tyler The Creator to walk past wearing a T-shirt that says “Actually, WE’RE THE BEST!!!”

Kirk Franklin is the gospel DJ Khaled.

Migos is the best Hip Hop group in the studio while on stage the trio delivers to the same amount of effort into their performance as the U.S. Congress does for reparations.

Half the audience was glad to hear Johnny Gill perform Before I Let Go,” while the other half was extra sad that it wasn’t Beyoncé.

Nobody is safe from the following:


Raphael Saadiq was dressed like a low budget genie who was willing to grant three Walmart wishes.

Lil Nas X yellow outfit made him look like a sun who strips on Thursday amateur night.

DaBaby fake superhero muscle shirt gave a Miami butt implant doctor a new idea.

Nipsey Hussle dedication

Nipsey Hussle was a true humanitarian artist whose dedicated actions for the empowerment of black people often far exceeded his artistic talents.

Nobody was quite sure about the zen message Nipsey’s mother was trying to express, however; everyone was convinced that his father was not here for it.


J Hall