“I had reached a high degree of DGAF’ness that could not be interrupted even if the world was in flames from a white-haired caucasian woman and her flying dragon...”



The Plan

The day had finally arrived. The day I had red circled on my calendar for the past two weeks. This day was unusual, but not because it was a birthday, a national holiday, nor was it a work anniversary reminder from Linkedin. Today was MeDay; a celebrational practice of all things that I enjoy solo. On this day, I will not allow the pressures of job, money, and recent family death continue to keep me in a mental/emotional dark place. I was going to fulfill a pledge that the next 24 selfish hours will be an indulgent of all things unapologetically me.


If Every great hero needs a theme song,” then surely an abstract critic like myself could use one dope a$$ playlist. I carefully crafted a selection of diverse musical genres and artist to fit my unpredictable vibe for this self-serving journey. The random rhythm recipe was composed of back-in-the-day-dance-to-you-sweat New Jack Swing era to contemporary rachet Gucci Mane Baby Momma Music, added by an alternative dash of Audioslave guitar riffs. Now with a secured eardrum arsenal and a pair of charged up Beats headphones, I was ready to block all outside noise to completely zone into my own private universe.

Cut off

Real ownership meant no distractions, therefore; I purposely disconnected from all things social media. I had refused to spend time online arguing with a Kermit The Frog profile pic MAGA supporter troll because Trump for the millionth time said something ignorant, foolish, racist, or all of the above. I felt no desire to witness another relationship goal in public yet privately divorce post on my timeline. I had reached a high degree of DGAF’ness that could not be interrupted even if the world was in flames from a white-haired caucasian woman and her flying dragon.

Next up

 I first took a trip to one of my favorite museums in the city. I admired and took pictures of some great art; some understandable, some abstract, yet all enjoyable. Later visited an excellent burger spot that has those specially seasoned fries I love with no cares of carbs and salt intake. Afterward, I went to check out a movie that nobody I knew wanted to see that turned out to be dumb yet super entertaining, therefore; making it not a complete waste of $10. For the next few hours, I visited a local comic book shop, listened to some classic vinyl music at a retro record store, and tried on three suits with no plans of purchase other than to see how I looked. Activities that were a combination of routine fun and new interest created a euphoric vibe that brought balance to my much-needed soul.

The Cherry

The Day Of Me grand finale treat was to take an open road trip. I took the wise initiative to reserve a car rental since my personal vehicle was(and still) on check engine life support. East Coast every-block-has-a-red-light-anytime-city-traffic leaves no room for a quality joyride and my Motor City-bred DNA was on high alert. The car stereo was at high volume blasting a mixture of songs like Tony Toni Tone, Kurt Cobain, and Brandy. The experience transformed I-95 into an unforgettable live concert on wheels.

The Settling

 Afterward, I came home, tossed my clothes everywhere, and collapsed on the couch. Sipping on a nearby bottle of room temperature water I had decided to stay up and watch the sunrise as Hey Google played John Coltrane in the background. A new day was here, and the same life concerns were still present, and no recent problems were solved. However; my mind and body felt relaxed with a definite purpose that was fueled by an uncomfortable sense of optimism. When life itself got real, I was then reminded that even Superman has a fortress of solitude. By allowing myself to become vulnerable, it created a space that recharged my state of mind, body, and confidence. From within a fresh perspective had emerged with the understanding that if I could own a day than I could also continue to own my life. Life’s obstacles may have given me a slight dose of amnesia, but fortunately, it took a MeDay to remind myself who the f*** I am.



J Hall