“Like oohh, sound like rich ninja problems…”





Home Again, Never: How Walking Back Is A Walk Forward


“I’ve seen enough,” I said walking down the long steps that in the past I’ve tripped so many times over while hearing my grandmother voice yell ‘You better slow yo ass down!!!” There was no more to see because everything else…CLICK


7 Random Thoughts After Watching The Movie “Us”

As a horror fan one can look at the father named “Gabe” in the movie Us as the traditional oblivious character who remains in constant disbelief despite seeing Jason Voorhees chop off …CLICK



They Coming: 13 Signs Of Gentrification


11) When the new neighborhood watch is now watching you

Warning: If for the 3rd time there was another cheese & wine neighborhood watch party that you were not invited to, just know two things:

-1 The invitation was not lost in the mail

-2 The meeting was…CLICK


Today’s Crisis: Living In A Rushed World

While some overlooked how quickly the Chicago police dept solved the case despite their many years of unsolved public drive-by shootings and…CLICK


The Throne Endgame: When Two Epics Meet

The movie Avengers: Endgame and the series Game Of Thrones(GOT) Ep. 3 “The Long Night.” Endgame although a 3hour long solid film brought a decade long closure to…CLICK


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