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Random Recap: Lets Run That Back


“They don’t love you if they always wanted you to stay the same…”



Dear Embarrassed Black Friend

You, my dear embarrassed black friend, became angry because once again here’s ANOTHER black person on screen embarrassing…CLICK


A Little Black Child Committed Suicide, And Nobody Cares

Never mind the fact that the church itself sits across the street from a crackhouse that produces drugs every day because…CLICK


What You Say To Me: Completely Done With Explaining To White People Why Using The N-Word Is A Bad Idea

What the hell does having a black “baby daddy” with beige or brown skin kids have to do with anything? I couldn’t…CLICK


Dear Friend, You Are Not Crazy

I reminded him that both of us grew up in environments where the idea of mental health was another way of saying “Yo ass is crazy,” and that it’s…CLICK


Creed: Fathers And Sons

Neither father present nor absent could predict what the ramifications of their actions would have on each son’s livelihood. The inability…CLICK



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