Black America gathered together in real-time to watch legendary actor Eddie Murphy returned to his comedic roots to host Saturday Night Live after a 35-year absence. Here are 3 dope AF examples of why it was a great moment in Black History.  



3) Opening Monologue:

Seconds into his introduction as the crowd chants; Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, you can feel that the audience in the studio and beyond share universal praise of this iconic moment. The added spicy type reaction from black people specifically came when Eddie Murphy dropped the hottest of bars by saying: This is the last episode of 2019, but if you’re black, this is the first episode since I left back in 1984. Bam!!! That verbal jab could only be more real if special guest Lizzo performed Truth Hurts immediately afterward. Yes, SNL throughout 40plus existence far and between has had some relatable skits to the culture; nevertheless, watching an entire show as a black collective has not happened since the days of Just Say No campaigns and Jheri Curls. 


2) Old Characters New World:

All 80s babies Black America who watched countless times growing up the Best Of Eddie Murphy SNL VHS so desperately hoped to see their favorite classic played characters on screen again, for which; he(Eddie) did so in a Black contemporary fashion. A grey-haired Mister Robinson who lives in a now overpriced gentrified neighborhood has used Squatter’s Rights to become a middle finger of symbolism to white hipster America with a smile that says, I am still your neighbor. Buckwheat’s speech impediment version of Single Ladies is pure karaoke joy. Entrepreneur capitalist pimp Velvet Jones masterfully walked a MeToo fine line as I’m Gumby Dammit!, found new life in the world of hashtags and late-night spade games. 


1) For Us By Us: The NWA Comedy Dream Team

A legendary moment was made right before our black eyes as Eddie Murphy was joined on stage by fellow also legendary comedians Tracey Morgan, Chris Rock, and Dave Chapelle, who are all of comic offspring’s. The image of this superstar Black squad standing in unison created a viral moment that shook Mother Earth on her black axis. An added cherry delight came when a colonizer attempted to Christopher Columbus the scene but got blocked by SNL cast member great Keenen Thompson. The joining of Keenen on stage with the other four became an immortalized moment in Black History that far exceeds in any overhyped chicken sandwich.