1) A celebrity will get fired for future tweets

You think Kevin Hart’s past tweets were something, wait until your favorite star gets fired for a thought tweet! That’s right; it won’t matter that their conscience kicked in halfway through the sentence; they shouldn’t have thought about it in the first place.


2) Cardi B and Nicki Minaj will squash their beef.

It will be a joyous occasion in 2020 when both Lady MCs put aside past differences to do a song together for Dr. Miami’s premiere album.


3) Tariq from Power will finally get what he deserves.

People will cheer for that viral moment when Ghost’s spoiled can’t-get-right son gets whipped by an auntie who crashes the set of Power beating him with a leather belt while singing “They say this a big rich town.”


4) Tyler Perry will release a new type of movie,

DIRECTOR Tyler Perry’s next film will be about a black woman who has a dark skin husband who’ll abuse her until a stray light skin UPS postal worker brother comes to her rescue, therefore‚Ķ..wait, oh nevermind.


5) Once again, a random white woman will attempt to shut down another black folk get-together.

Trust, it will not matter that the black family lived in the same house for three generations, nothing will stop Backyard Becky from hopping their private fence with her cellphone threatening to call the police if she does not see a permit.


6) Antonio Brown will play in the NFL before Colin Kapernick.

Despite past disputes with team management, rape accusations, and in a tantrum, almost hitting a 22-month-year-old child with furniture, NFL wide-receiver Antonio Brown’s career still has promise because none of his actions appear to be as heinous as taking a knee.


7) A Black Person Will Win And Lose The Mega Millions

A recent black law grad will experience great joy and pain when they hit the near billion jackpot then shortly afterward lose it all to overdue speed camera tickets and Sallie Mae garnishments.


8) Rihanna Will Finally Drop A New Album

Bad Gal RiRi will, at last, satisfy her loyal patience fans by putting out a collection of songs that features vocals from her 2003 audition tape.


9) Donald Trump impeachment will force him to resign

Trump will resign and face criminal charges based on new evidence from rapper Tekashi 69, who stated in his testimony, “I do not know what an in-peach is, but Trump did that sh!t.” 


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