“Be Who You Want To Be And Not What Others Want To See…”


5) 3 Reasons Why Eddie Murphy On SNL Was Dope AF!!!

Buckwheat’s speech impediment version of Single Ladies is pure karaoke joy. Entrepreneur capitalist pimp Velvet Jones masterfully…CLICK


4) The Story Of Job Is The Worse Bible Reference Ever For Black Folks

So one day in the office, God the HNIC asks his angels for the daily report on his favorite guy Job. Satan, an angel at the time, was already heatedCLICK



Parents unintentionally encouraged the narrative that a woman’s clothes represent her sexual behavior. Young daughters…CLICK


2) The Greatest Hip Hop Albums Of The Past Decade

This album not gave birth to acronym rap(HYFR and YOLO) but displayed Drizzy’s versatile sing rap style that became the blueprint for…CLICK


1) Kobe Bryant: From Hate To Respect

I myself like most people outside of Laker fandom thought his best professional years were behind him and would…CLICK


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